Nick Vernier Band

Nick Vernier Band

Netherlands / United Kingdom / United States

Alternative, avant-garde, psychedelic rock

Years active

Brinker Media

Associated acts
Blondie Chaplin, Probyn Gregory, Yoko Ono, Plastic Ono Band, Gerry Beckley, Paul Jones, David Paton, Iain Matthews, Matt Malley, Emitt Rhodes, Duncan Maitland, Pizza Delivery Boys, Stephen John Kalinich, Janaki, Iason Chronis, The Monkees, Style Detectives, Willem De Ridder, Cosmo Police

Nick Vernier Band is an alias (and anagram) for productions by Dutch musician and record producer Eric Van Den Brink.[1] Although a ‘one man band’ in essence, featured collaborators include Blondie Chaplin, Probyn Gregory,[2] Gerry Beckley (with Jeffrey Foskett), Stephen John Kalinich, Paul Jones, David Paton, Iain Matthews,[3] Matt Malley, Emitt Rhodes, Duncan Maitland, E.H. Roelfzema, Janaki, and Iason Chronis, among others. Van Den Brink is also producer of Nick Vernier Band-mixes for Yoko Ono and Plastic Ono Band.


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The collective’s recordings consist of original material, as well as songs by featured collaborators. Sound engineers include Julia Wolff, Hank Linderman, Bill Gautier, Dan Duskin, and Coen Berrier. Previous associations include recordings with Jan Akkerman, Rob Bolland, David Vermeulen,[4] Colin Blunstone, Ian Gillan, and Herman Brood[5] with Dick Dale,[6] Hans Dulfer, Candy Dulfer, Jules Deelder, Nina Hagen, and Trijntje Oosterhuis.[7] Related productions include Style Detectives, the first new Monkees-related release in over a decade (produced under license from Rhino Entertainment, featuring vocal samples from the band), Willem De Ridder, and Cosmo Police (with Atsuko Kurokawa).

Nick Vernier Band Addendum (EP) (2008)
Nick Vernier Band with Paul Jones I’m Your Kingpin (single) (2009)[8]
Nick Vernier Band feat. Iain Matthews Woodstock (single) (2009)[9]
Nick Vernier Band On 42nd Street (single) (2010)
Nick Vernier Band Sessions (album) (2010)
Nick Vernier Band feat. The Monkees Mister Bob (single) (2011)[10]
Nick Vernier Band feat. Janaki Agaraga (single) (2011)[11]
Nick Vernier Band Trainathought (single) (2012)[12]
Nick Vernier Band feat. David Paton Don’t Know What To Say (single) (2013)[13]
Nick Vernier Band You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice (single) (2014)[14]
Nick Vernier Band Hope (single) (2014)
Nick Vernier Band Autumn Mist (single) (2015)
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